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beyond the yellow brick road

I'm not going to comment anymore on Jerry Falwell, because I'm following the "if-you-can't-say-anything-nice,-don't-say-anything-at-all" rule, and because I think it's disrespectful to bash someone who's died. That said, here at Texas in Africa, we strive to offer something for everyone:

I only saw Jerry Falwell speak once, just before the 2004 elections at Bannockburn Baptist Church in Austin. Actually an Actuary came with me, and I don't know who was more horrified: him because he grew up Catholic, or me because of the blending of megachurch-and-state. Falwell spent the evening laying out a series of interpretations about the relationship between church and state that were highly debatable, then all but broke IRS tax code law by coming as close to endorsing a candidate for the state legislature as possible. Falwell may not have broken the letter of the law, but his words (along the lines of, "I think you know what I mean") definitely violated its spirit.

Even though I disagree with Falwell's politics and his interpretation of our common faith, I don't wish anyone a painful, sudden death, and I'm sorry for his family. That said, I won't be commenting on this issue anymore.



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