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baptists, baptists, baptists!

Here's Rob Jeopardy! Marus's report on yesterday's meeting between several conservative SBC bloggers and Jimmy Carter and Bill Underwood concerning the New Baptist Covenant. Here's a quote from Wade Burleson:

"I told [my wife] that it was my desire to help Southern Baptists see that fellow Baptists are NOT the enemy. We can keep our unique way of doing missions in the SBC; we can keep our distinct structure and autonomy as the SBC; we can keep others out who will not affirm the BFM if we so choose; but we don't have to keep acting as if other Baptist Christians are our competitors or our opponents."

January's NBC celebration is going to be an exciting event in Baptist life. Brian Kaylor has a list of the confirmed speakers, who include Julie Pennington-Russell, Joel Gregory, Bill Moyers, Mike Huckabee, William J. Shaw, Marian Wright Edelman, and many other Baptists from all backgrounds. Ethics Daily has more details on the speakers here.

I still can't believe that Dan Malone convinced Burleson, Duren, and other conservative SBC-ers to meet with Carter and Underwood, but I'm glad to see it. We Baptists of all stripes have been treating each other badly for far too long. It has long been my prayer that conservative and moderate Baptists would find a way, if not to return to what we once were (which no one really wants anymore), than to at least find a way to be reconciled to one another as Christ calls us to do. Maybe these are some tentative first steps in that direction. Maybe those of us who are younger, and who were therefore not directly involved in the battle for control of the SBC, can be the ones who work together, who refuse to demonize one another, and who will remember that the first mark of a Christian is always, always love.

I am planning to do my best to be at the first NBC celebration in January, although the mid-week date makes it extremely difficult for non-retired laity to attend. It's likely that my teaching schedule won't permit me to attend, but that's okay. It will be enough to know that we are finally finding a way to work together, to put aside our pride and differences to work for a common goal. Thanks be to God.



Anonymous rp said...

I appreciate your sentiments, but I would ask you to go back, re-read the Baptist Faith & Message version 2000, then talk to any recent Truett grads you know or Julie P-R. or any of the wonderful young women clergy in the church and tell me how in the world we can have a conversation with these people when their theology leads them to a dehumanizing sexism? I can't do it. I think the "loving" thing to do is to get in their faces as a woman and say, "Now tell me again how you can decide that God can't speak to me..."

Saturday, May 19, 2007 11:06:00 PM

Blogger texasinafrica said...

Maybe so, but I still don't believe we're supposed to hate each other. They don't accept my voice; I know that. But all I know to do is talk and argue with them, to be firm in my convictions and respectful of theirs. Nothing I say is going to change their mind about this particular issue, but if they get to Atlanta and hear Julie P-R preach, who's to say what could happen?

Saturday, May 19, 2007 11:55:00 PM

Anonymous rp said...

where in my comments do you see that I suggest we hate each other? I'm just saying, don't have romantic notions about the sheer disgust these people hold towards women....there is not compromise on that...none. Substitute "african" for "woman" and see how their many pronouncements sound....they don't just hold another possible viewpoint about the place of women in the Kingdom....they hold a view of such disturbing subservience that has led to unspeakable violence against women in the name of God. It's very hard to think about dialogue with people, especially the leaders, who continue to hold such tragic beliefs. And the young bloggers, whom I'm glad will be in Atlanta, clearly trumpet the B, F&M, 2000....Here's hoping that they will genuinely HEAR Julie P-R....

Sunday, May 20, 2007 12:24:00 AM


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