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92 days!!!

Finally, some preseason rankings. But Athlon has us at #2, which is way too high. They're right that our schedule is easy, but. But. I'm sorry. I'm a huge fan, but I'm also a pragmatist. Our defense last year was not up to par, and I just don't buy that we've rebuilt enough to get the job done.

Here's the key sentence in Athlon's analysis: "The secondary needs three new starters to fill in around safety Marcus Griffin, who contributed 90 tackles and a pick last fall, and there are experienced hands available at each vacancy." Exactly. We need three new starters, and while we may have some experience at those spots, they're not experienced enough to handle Stephen McGee.

And then there's the offensive line. J'Marcus Webb, who likely would've been an important part of the offensive line (especially since Blalock is gone) is transferring out. (By the way, Webb was born on 8-8-88. Wasn't that the day the rapture was supposed to happen? Nope, it was just the year.)

Call me a pessimist if you want. I prefer "realist." But I called our national championship a full eight months in advance two years ago, and I was right about last year, too.

None of this changes the fact that we are only three months and one day away from the first game. I ran into 23 in West Campus this morning. He'll be back from nerd camp and Lima in time to get our matching t-shirt tributes to our favorite player ready for the season. Woo-hoo!



Blogger Ben said...

Yahoo! I'm so excited! It's a shame the pass defense isn't up to par because most of the other pieces are in place. If only Jamaal Charles relaxes this year and finds the holes...

Saturday, June 02, 2007 12:02:00 AM


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