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you're a shooting star

Well, to quote my man Billy Joe Shaver, "it was fun while it lasted but it didn't last long." Namely because I picked Ohio State to win, and because it was clear after 1:34 that they were overmatched. Why Big 10 teams insist on shooting three-pointers when they're already 2 for 18 is beyond me.

Anyway, my rank plummeted from #892 to #40,298, in the 98.6th percentile. I still won our pool, and I'm still proud of my bracket, because it's probably the best one I'll ever have. I was 54/63 overall, which ain't bad. But now it's back to life. "One Shining Moment" was sung and it's 4 months and 28 days until football starts. Sigh.



Blogger Angela said...

Any more news on Billy Joe? And I'm sorry Ohio didn't win... I'm more of a baseball girl, myself, and we all know how you feel about that national pastime =). Oh, and I love soccer. Crazy.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007 10:49:00 AM


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