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a ray of hope

Late April is the middle of what we here at Texas in Africa refer to as the Long, Dark Season. We're about halfway between the end of bowl season and the first home game (126 days and counting), and there's not even college basketball to distract us. (Note that we could Care Less about the NBA playoffs.) It's rough.

But, today is draft day, so at least in the midst of muting all the yapping on ESPN, we occasionally get to see a highlight or some stats. It's the bone the NFL throws the fans to keep us going through the Long, Dark Season, and to remember that there's a reason we'll be willing to shell out the cash for season tickets in a couple of months.

So far, there aren't any big surprises in the draft, except for the fact that the NFL is clearly less enthralled with Brady Quinn than ESPN has been for the last two years (ESPN: you loving a player who is admittedly adorable doesn't make him "great." Also, you should probably actually talk about Ted Ginn, since that's the player the Dolphins just took.).

No Texas players have gone yet, but that's not surprising. We're expecting most of our boys to go late in the first round or early in the second. It'll be okay.



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