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i agree with Orrin Hatch

And that may have been a pig that just flew by my window.

It sounds like the Senate vote on stem-cell research is more symbolic than anything. The president has promised to veto it, and at least one prominent researcher says it won't do all that much to make federal funding for stem cell research more available.

The issues surrounding stem cell research are ethically complicated. The potential of the flexible cells that come from human embryoes to provide cures or treatment for diseases like Alzheimer's or diabetes has to be balanced against concerns about whether an embryo is a human life.

I understand that the president has serious hesitations about it. Actually, I'm glad that he's thought enough about it to be troubled by the potential science brings us to modify human bodies.

But I wonder if one of his daughters had Type 1 Diabetes, as does the daughter of very conservative Utah Senator Orrin Hatch, Bush would still feel the same way. I wonder what any of us would do if the promise of a miracle cure came through, if we could end so much hurt and pain and suffering.

Having lived with this disease for nearly 15 years, and having begun to experience some early signs of complications from the disease, I don't know what I would decide to do if treatments based on stem cell research became a viable option. What I do know is that the decision should be mine, not my government's. It should be reached in consultation with my family, my doctors, my church, and my God. But ultimately, it should be a decision I have to make.

I just wish the president would give me that option.



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