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here we go

This bill has the potential to be a total disaster. The only way Bible-as-literature classes will be acceptable is if it's taught in an academically rigorous manner, with appropriate training for teachers. How are cash-strapped Texas school districts going to ensure that will happen? How will the Legislature ensure that these classes are taught in a non-devotional manner? Why should the Legislature mandate that these classes be taught, when districts are already free to make their own decisions about course offerings, including classes on the Bible? Why would the people who make such a fuss about local control of the schools mandate this from Austin?

The bill's main sponsor gets much of his support from right-wing political Christians. There's no way that the true motivation behind this bill is simply a belief that students should have an historical and literary understanding of the Bible. It's a veiled attempt to bring religion into public school classrooms.

And about that, I just wonder: why, why, why would any Christian want to turn the responsibility for teaching the Bible over to the public schools, rather than leaving it as the purview of parents and churches? Why?



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