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for shame

This is so symptomatic of the politicization of everything by the Bush White House. Apparently, many, many of Rove's emails (which should be a matter of public record) were often sent using the Republican National Committee server (which is supposed to be for political activities only). Now four years' worth of Rove's emails are missing. Some of these emails are needed by Congress for the investigation into the Gonzales affair.

"The disclosures helped fan the controversy over what the White House has acknowledged to be the improper use of political e-mail accounts to conduct official government business."

If this is true (which the White House apparently acknowledges, at least in part), then the behavior of this White House in merging the public interest with political activities is shameful. If you are the president, you are the president of the United States, not just of Americans who support the Republican party. In your official capacity, you and your staff are supposed to act in the interest of all Americans. This is appalling.



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