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I haven't posted on the Soulforce Equality Ride to evangelical colleges and universities across the country, even though they stopped at Baylor last month. There's a decent article on what they're up to in today's Post.

At Baylor, the student activists were allowed on campus and they attended chapel. Although some students clearly felt that the activists would not be welcomed on campus, this article alone suggests that there was more of an effort to encourage dialogue than would have been thinkable when I was a student there. Several activists were subsequently arrested for chalking on campus without permission, which resulted in a charge of tresspassing. Baylor does take its chalking policy very seriously, but I question whether other illegal chalkers who aren't gay Christian activists would also have been arrested.

There's no question that Baylor has the right to regulate speech on the campus. But I wonder if their decision to limit the discussion was a good idea? American evangelicals are kidding themselves if they think they can continue to pretend that there aren't gay and lesbians who are seriously committed to the faith, who are enrolled in just about every major evangelical institution of higher learning, and who are in the pews on Sunday morning. There's a clear generational divide on the issue, and our society's attitude is changing - even within the church. It would be much more fruitful and Christian to have an open dialogue with room for honest disagreement than it is for both sides to continue talking past one another.

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