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does rick perry love jesus?

Okay, so that's not a fair question. But here's the thing: our Governor Goodhair does his best to convince Texas' right-wing political Christians that he's on their side. He appears at events at churches and supports conservative legislation (except when it comes to mandating the HPV vaccine) and generally does all he can to convince that crowd that even though he's a Methodist, he's on their side.

So why, why, why can't the governor give the state's public universities Good Friday off? And maybe give us a little advance notice? We don't have an official holiday tomorrow, meaning that I have to miss my church's Good Friday services to teach the ten students who won't have already taken off for mass or home. The governor can make it a holiday by shutting down the universities for the day or the afternoon. He's done it before, but he doesn't do it every year. The only indication we've gotten so far is a bureaucratese notice from the university president's office informing us that they have no indication from the governor's office.

If Rick Perry really believes that Texas is a Christian state that ought to be run by Christian principles and Christian leaders and on and on and on and on (none of which I believe, by the way), then to be logically consistent, he ought to give us the day off. Then again, I just used the words "logically consistent" with regards to our governor. Never mind.



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