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acl festival ticket pre-sale 2007

The ACL Festival 2007 pre-sale started about 45 minutes ago...sortof. Seems the kids have changed the system this year, so what you do now is sign up for an email list, then next Tuesday, if you are one of 1,500 lucky randomly chosen entrants, you get to buy 2 tickets for $50 apiece.

This seems like a pretty sensible thing, given last year's ticket presale disaster. My eyebrows are raised at the price hike (they've moved from $30 to $50 in two years), but what are you going to do? (More importantly, what does this mean they're going to do: raise the regular early purchase price to $150? We'll see.)

You can sign up betwen now and April 9 at noon for a Tuesday, April 10 sale date. If you don't get lucky enough to buy $50 tickets, the regular sale (which is usually still cheaper early on) starts April 17. The festival is September 14-17 in Zilker Park.

(Confidential to the staffer from SXSW who told me there wasn't a better way to sell SXSW wristbands to locals: take a clue from the ACL folks. Figure it out.)



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