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There's much more to say about day three of SXSW, which I'll get around to doing tomorrow. For now, it's after 1am, but I want to write about Steve Earle's performance at The Parish before I collapse.

I don't imagine I'll ever see a show this amazing again. It was fully acoustic, just Steve Earle, his guitars, and his harmonicas. The Parish was packed, probably beyond what the fire marshal would allow, and, I'm sorry, but the volunteer staff working the venue did a terrible job, picking on people for unimportant minor infractions. I managed to get up front, where it was so crowded you almost couldn't move.
But once Earle took the stage, it didn't matter. He played for a full hour. He played "Someday," "Copperhead Road," "Rich Man's War," and "Tom Ames' Prayer." He played "Rex's Blues/Fort Worth Blues" and told a wonderful story about Townes van Zandt. He played "Comin' Around" with his wife Alison Moorer and a great new song called something along the lines of "Lay This Hammer Down."
And he played "Goodbye," which is among my all-time favorite songs. It is so sad, so haunting, so true. To see him play it live, up-close, in a great venue with no distractions, and with an awed, silent crowd was...well..., this is why I love live music. It just doesn't get much better.



Blogger Emily said...

I've seen him a couple of times - and yes, he is good live.

Sunday, March 18, 2007 9:53:00 AM


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