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not long for this administration

Tonight one of my students raised his hand and asked, "So what's up with this whole Alberto Gonzales thing?" It makes me so happy when they're paying attention to the news that I devoted twenty minutes to explain.

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales is going to have to resign. Maybe tomorrow or Friday afternoon. When your chief of staff resigns, you're in trouble. When even Republicans start seriously criticizing your actions, or calling for your ouster, you're doomed. When the White House is only saying it "hopes" you can hold on to your job, it's over.

If/when he steps down, I won't be sorry. In his capacity as Attorney General, and in his previous position as White House Counsel, Gonzales has advocated the expansion of presidential power beyond what I believe are its constitutional limits. As AG, if the allegations regarding his actions relating to the firing of eight U.S. attorneys are true, it appears he has far overstepped the bounds of the appropriate use of power. I want the Department of Justice to function as an agent of democracy, not as a place to play political games.



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