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about those sheep...

Al Mohler blogs about the gay sheep.

We all know about how often I agree with Reverend Mohler, but he's a smart guy and he does a good job of explaining the major scientific and ethical factors in the debate. Basically, he acknowledges that there's mounting research that shows that homosexuality has a significant natural determinant, probably having something to do with hormonal exposure in the womb. The issue that arises is that, if you can find a cause, you can probably find a way to reverse outcomes. In other words, a pregnant mother might theoretically be able to take hormones to prevent her baby from being gay. So what do you do?

It's here that I differ from Mohler, who thinks that Christians should support the use of genetic testing and hormonal intervention to prevent babies from being born gay, should such a technology become available. I have lots of hesitations about genetic testing and disease prevention in unborn babies in general, because I think it's playing God. I can see where it would be useful and/or the most compassionate thing to do, but I also think we need to be really careful when we start making decisions about life.

What's interesting to me is Mohler's acknowledgment that all people - even those who are gay or transgendered - are created in God's image. If we were to do as he suggests (giving parents the opportunity to prevent their children from being gay), how would that not detract from what we would learn about God? Mohler says it's because homosexuality is a result of a sinful, fallen world. I don't see how that stacks up against what he says about everyone being created in God's image.

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