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sxsw nonsense

I had a Very. Long. Day.

It started off like any other Monday. Mondays are always long for me this semester. Such is life. My TA class in the morning, office hours after that. I spent all of office hours grading exams and dealing with a student whose desire to learn in the midst of awful family problems reduced me to tears.

Then the SXSW wristband text came through. I am really, really, really, really tired of South-by's nonsense this year, as any regular reader of this blog already knows. So I shouldn't have been surprised that they did the wristband drop in the middle of a Monday. It's not like anyone has to be at work, right, Lewis Black?

The only good things I have to say about the subsequent 2 hours and twenty minutes of waiting in the hot sun while wearing heels are: 1) I met some fun people in line, and 2) my car didn't get towed. I got to talk to a couple of the SXSW types, one of whom was nice and the other who was not. I told him that I thought this was a terrible system (not in a mean way, I was nice!). He said, "If you can come up with something better, let me know." (Hey, here's an idea: how 'bout you go back to doing it the way you used to? Like last year? Where you announce the time a day or two in advance so only the people who can drop everything get wristbands quickly and efficiently? The longest I ever had to wait for that was 20 minutes.)

All the rhetoric about how this protects Austin fans is ridiculous. It doesn't protect anyone. There were people scalping tickets on Craiglist before I was out of line. Lewis Black was apparently standing around smiling, probably because SXSW made a lot of money today. From people like me, who are willing to put up with a whole mess of nonsense because we like music so much.

Anyway, I'm sorry for complaining so much, but it was really miserable. The line wrapped around the block one and a half times. I was about ten people in front of where they ran out of the cheapest wristbands. At any rate, I finally got in, got two, and raced off to my other office hours, finished grading papers, taught two classes, and made it home in time for dinner at 9:15.

It was a long day.



Blogger a.n.hernandez said...

do you know if i can still get in with a ticket i purchase from craigslist? or is it invalid?

Tuesday, February 27, 2007 12:59:00 PM

Blogger texasinafrica said...

If you buy a wristband off Craigslist, I'd advise you to get it in person, with a cash-only transaction. Music wristbands don't guarantee you admission to anything; they give you the right to stand in the wristband lines at the showcases. The way it works is that they let in all the badge holders first, then if there's room, people with wristbands get in. If there's still room, people can pay a cover charge to the club to get in. That doesn't happen with the bigger shows, but if you get a wristband and show up really early, you have a good chance of getting in.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007 4:07:00 PM


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