"Africa is, indeed, coming into fashion." - Horace Walpole (1774)


congo watch

Happy day, there will be a Bradt guide to the DRC, in English! This will be an excellent to the new French guide that's been out since last year.

It's really hard to plan research and life in a place when there is no guidebook. I figured out where to stay by asking others who'd been, by keeping track of a ridiculous set of cell phone numbers (these change every few months) for random concierges who might or might not be able to book you a room for six nights, or tell you where there's an apartment for rent. That's not to even mention figuring out how to travel from point a to point b (bus; ask at the station), what kind of money to take (crisp $1, series 2000 or later), and social customs.

Traveling to the eastern Congo is a huge hassle in many ways. This will definitely make it easier for people who go in the future. And I'm really glad that Bradt is behind it; their guides to African countries are consistently well-researched, thorough, and not nearly as paranoid about Africa as the stuff Lonely Planet puts out.



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