"Africa is, indeed, coming into fashion." - Horace Walpole (1774)


server issues

My apologies to regular readers who are having trouble getting through this morning. Texas in Africa is getting a ton of hits today since WilcoBase linked to my post on the Jeff Tweedy show. This is fantastic and fun, but I'm sorry it's causing the site to get stuck now and then. This is because there are normally only about 100 hits per day, so I don't bother to upgrade from Blogger.

What is fascinating about this is seeing where there are fans logging in all over the world - the Texas Legislative Council, law firms in Seattle, a company in The Gambia, the City of Fort Worth, the Texas State Comptroller's office, in Australia and London, the children's hospital in New Orleans, and all over the world. Wilco fans are such a community. Thanks to everyone who's stopped by. My post on last night's show will be up in a bit.

I also have a reader at the Centers for Disease Control, but that's not about Wilco. Hmmm.


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