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on a lake of fire

The debate over the Bush Presidential Library is heating up at SMU. Here's an interesting piece on the ways religion is framing the debate about whether the library should be located at a Methodist university. The contrast to Baylor's attitude is striking. From the beginning, one of Baylor's arguments about hosting the Bush Library was that Baylor's Christian character aligned well with Bush's policies. That's the primary reason I've had serious reservations about the library being located at Baylor. Tax policies that benefit the rich and hurt the poor, the doctrine of pre-emptive war, and the lack of transparency in the administration strike me as anything but "Christian" in nature.

It seems very unlikely that the library will be at Baylor, so that's now a moot point. Here's another take:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Screwed us, now he's leaving" pretty much sums it up, doesn't it? And did you notice that the article he shows was posted on KWTX News 10's website? Another little moment of glory for Waco!

Sunday, January 28, 2007 1:47:00 PM


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