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last night in live music: jeff tweedy

Last night's sold-out Jeff Tweedy solo show at Hogg Auditorium was excellent. Tweedy opened wtih a new song ("Be Patient With Me"?) which I enjoyed, although "Impossible Germany" is still the best new song I've heard. He moved through a great variety of songs from throughout his career, including "China Apple"(!) and three Uncle Tupelo songs, one of which was "Gun"! I'd never heard it live before so that was a treat. Other highlights included a beautiful take on "One by One" and a really long, really funny audience sing-a-long of "Jesus, Etc." (Let's just say that the audience appears to have proved Tweedy right: Austin has no rhythm. Everyone's a guitar player.), and seeing two cast members of Friday Night Lights in the lobby after the show.

The audience was just the right mix of respectful and obnoxious, and Tweedy's banter was hi-larious. The very exciting part of that was that I got to talk to Jeff Tweedy! Now. I never, ever, ever yell things at the stage, because I think it's obnoxious to tell the performer what he should play. But. Tweedy asked the audience a very specific question about a website that lists bands that could theoretically make your children become gay. It just so happens that I'd seen that list yesterday (It's part of an elaborate hoax that I wasn't planning to blog about, because it's totally inappropriate and ridiculous.). Wilco is on that list. "What's the site called?" he asked, and when no one answered, my sister said, "you should answer." So I did. And Tweedy said, "You're texting this back to them now, aren't you?" It was funny and exciting at the same time.

I didn't take many pictures, but my seat for tonight's show is much better than where we were last night, so I should get some good ones this evening. Tweedy's second encore was sans the p.a., totally unplugged, and it was awesome. He played "Dreamer in My Dreams" and then "Acuff Rose." The auditorium was so quiet you could've heard a pin drop. I can't wait for tonight's show!

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