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year in review: football

Well, as expected, the year in football was less-than-ideal for the Texas Longhorns. Freshman quarterback pretty much sums it up. Colt McCoy actually exceeded my expectations (we beat OU), and the loss to Ohio State had to be expected, but the end-0f-season injury-induced meltdown was, well, it was. Meanwhile, back in the land of could-have-been-so-beautiful-could-have-been-so-right, our boy Vince is making us proud in Tennessee.

Baylor didn't live up to my expectations at all (They should've been in a bowl. There's just no excuse for most of their non-conference losses.), and next year's going to be much more difficult for the Bears since they're losing so many seniors.

But, hey, Yale won a share of the Ivy League title. In a year when Texas is headed to the Alamo Bowl, that'll do.


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