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there is no war on christmas

"Only America's Religious Right is able to find controversy where it does not exist. There is nothing more anti-Christmas than forcing American businesses and employees to say Merry Christmas. And only in consumerism-run-amok America is it important to force retail workers who make minimum wage to wish every shopper, 'Merry Christmas.'"


Blogger Emily said...

My question is this - what does commerce-run-rampant/over-consumerism (if you will) have to do with the true spirit of Christmas?

I mean, we're buying gifts, don't get me wrong, but that's not truly what it's all about. And if "Happy Holidays" is so offensive that it sends people into a tizzy - well, I guess they should be thankful that they don't have bigger things to worry about.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006 4:26:00 PM

Blogger texasinafrica said...

My question exactly. Why is consumerism the gauge of Christian faithfulness?

Tuesday, December 12, 2006 10:49:00 PM


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