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holiday gift guide

It's Christmastime, and here at Texas in Africa hq, we couldn't be happier. I love the holidays, and I love giving presents. There's just something about finding exactly the right gift for friends and loved ones, and seeing their reactions. And, wow, is there a world of perfect gifts out there for everyone on your list. Thus, I give you the official 2006 Texas in Africa Holiday Gift Guide. Enjoy:

  • Having given this to Melissa the Missionary as a hostess gift this summer, I can vouch for the Lord's Prayer Alarm Clock. Alarm features the Lord's Prayer sung by a choir of semi-angelic voices? Check. Clock lights up to show not only the time, but also a plastic shrine to Jesus, even in the darkest night? Check. Alarm rings for 45 minutes without stopping if you don't hit snooze? Check. This is holiday gift gold.
  • I don't even know what to say about the Cold War Unicorns, except that if I don't find a set in my stocking on Christmas morning, I'm going to be one sad little girl. This is better than a pony!
  • We all need to keep up with the days of our lives that are passing us by, never to return. The 2007 official RNC calendar is a real winner.
  • As is the Claire Booth Luce Institute 2007 Great American Conservative Women calendar. Someone gave me this a year or two ago. All I have to say about that is that Phyllis Schafly was Miss July. Someone on your list needs this. And if you're a student, it's free!
  • Not only can you own a rubber duckie that looks like Jesus, it's also featured as the Jesus of the Week for the first week of Advent. If that isn't a selling point, I don't know what is.
  • If your friends are music lovers, anything by 2Face Idibia, a discovery from my half-year in Congo. 2Face is a Nigerian pop star who set hearts aflutter all over the continent with his song, "African Queen," which features romantic lyrics like "You make my heart go ding-a-ling-a-ling." DJ's regularly played this song when we went dancing in Goma. I'm sure the rest of his album, Face 2 Face, is just as musically brilliant as the single.
  • Also in the music category, who could forget the Apologetix? They're on my gift list this Christmas season, and they should be on yours.
  • Did 15 of your friends have babies this year like 15 of my friends did? Maybe they need a cake made of diapers. Or maybe not.


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these are EXCELLENT! thank you for sharing!!!!

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