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airing of grievances

So faculty and administratiors at SMU's School of Theology are leading an effort to oppose the university's effort to have the George W. Bush presidential library housed at the school. This seems more than a bit quixotic, but whatever. They have a point. They also teach theology at a school that is a bastion of Dallas wealth and Republicanism, so it probably doesn't matter.

Meanwhile, 100 miles south on I-35, Baylor, as far as I know, hasn't given up its efforts to snag the Bush library and to create a George W. Bush school of public policy. Their campaign makes me angry, because one of its main selling points is that Baylor's Christian mission fits well with Bush's faith and practice.

I'm sorry, but I don't buy it. If they could name me one, just one, of George W. Bush's major public policy decisions that reflected a Christian ethic, I might be okay with this. But as far as I can see, from tax cuts for the wealthy to the prosecution of a war that doesn't meet just war criteria, his administration is far from representative of the Christian faith.

Anyway, it likely doesn't matter. The library is probably going to SMU, which makes sense. Does anyone actually believe the Bushes will stay in Crawford for more than 5-10 years after he leaves office? They have no roots in central Texas (that ranch was purchased in 1999), and I can't see them spending most of their time there. We'll see.


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