"Africa is, indeed, coming into fashion." - Horace Walpole (1774)


election night: democrats win the senate*

McCaskill takes Missouri, Tester probably has Montana, and Webb claimed victory in Virginia, but it will be at least December before we know what actually happened there. And thus it will be December before we know who controls the Senate.

The Democrats didn't just simply take the House; they have a 25 seat net gain at the moment, and, as James Carville just pointed out, no Democrat lost in a House or Senate race.

The Republican Revolution is over, or at least has been slowed. The CPP and I agree that this wasn't a vote for Democrats as much as it was a vote against Republicans, and, more specifically, President Bush. There will finally be a real check on Bush's power; this is good for our democracy. Moderate Republican Lincoln Chafee lost in Rhode Island; this is bad for our country and worse for the Republican party, which needs moderate voices now more than ever.

We do know that George Allen won't be able to run for president now. This is a good thing.

I detest the use of the term "balance of power" with respect to the Democratic-Republican differential in the House and Senate as it's being used on CNN and Fox News tonight. "Balance of power" is a very specific term in international relations, and it has nothing to do with political parties. This is driving me crazy.

The CPP and I just had our biennial late-night election discussion, so that means that it's time for sleep. Hooray. Analysis tomorrow. Later today. Whatever.