"Africa is, indeed, coming into fashion." - Horace Walpole (1774)



Amy Black reviews David Kuo's book. She respectfully disagrees with some of his interpretations of events, in the course managing to provide useful criticism without demonizing Kuo. Here's how she concludes:

"Despite and even through its shortcomings, perchance Kuo's book and the controversy it stirs will help turn Christians away from the temptation to place their primary confidence in politics as God's path to cultural restoration."

I have a lot of respect for Black, who is a political science professor at Wheaton. She's a smart, thoughtful, Christian woman who produces excellent scholarship in the boys' world that is political science. She is a role model for me in many ways. Knowing these things about her makes me take her criticisms of Kuo much more seriously than those of most right-wing Christians who, as she puts it, consider Kuo a traitor and probably won't even read the book.

Black's piece is a reminder of how badly our political discourse needs more people who can approach controversial issues with sanity, honesty, and respect. May we all strive to follow her example.


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