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i am so tired of this fight

So here's something interesting I learned today: Texas Governor Rick Perry has taken $1.3 million from the gambling lobby for this election cycle. That's right: the family values, Christian conservative, America-is-a-Christian-nation, abstinence-only sex education governor is apparently not concerned with the moral quandries (not to mention social ills) of legalized gambling. (To be fair, Chris Bell has also taken money from the lobby, which is equally reprehensible even though it's only in the amount of $5,500.)

I was filling up my car this evening and looked up to notice the guy next to me who had no fewer than fourteen (14) Rick Perry 2006 stickers on his truck, including one on the grill. He's either a really big supporter or the victim of a really mean practical joke. I wonder what that guy's reason for liking Rick Perry so much is. I wonder if he understands that money is apparently more important to the governor than the interests of his Christian conservative supporters. I wonder if that guy knows how hard we'll fight, yet again, to keep the gambling lobbyists from getting their legislation through.


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