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reports from the field: musharraf and jon stewart

Remember how I mentioned that Pakistan's president, General Pervez Musharaff, was appearing on the Daily Show last night? Well, it turns out that Actually an Actuary and his blushing bride had tickets. Here's AaA's report on the show:

"The guest was the President of Pakistan, Pervez Musharraf. Security was crazy. Lot's of police and suits with earpieces. They even put Kevlar on the stage in front of the desk."

That's so crazy! Of all the days to go to the show, you end up on the Episode Most Likely to Feature a Political Assassination? Way to go, AaA!

For those of you hoping for a more detailed account of what happened (tea, twinkies, fate of the world as we know it), it's not on YouTube yet, but you can read the AP account via Fox News here. Or you could navigate the Daily Show's homepage to watch the film - good luck with that. The interview was definitely worth not working on my lecture for a few minutes to enjoy. The Seat of Heat question was pretty funny, too.

Back to explaining bureaucracy to the kiddos.


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