"Africa is, indeed, coming into fashion." - Horace Walpole (1774)


red fish, blue fish

I'm speaking about Congo to a pretty conservative group of Christian grad students this Friday. Last year at one of the meetings, a new student, actually an undergrad, I think, started making jokes about how "liberals" think this and that. His clear meaning was that "liberal" is the opposite of Christian, a common view in very conservative evangelical circles.

I hate that. I hate the labeling of people created in God's image as the "other." I hate the use of a word that is so political to describe someone who disagrees with you in deragatory terms. And, while I didn't say so in those words, another grad and I told the student that he shouldn't assume that everyone in the group shares his political views. (This despite the fact that most people in that group probably do.)

Anyway, I say all this to preface how shocked I was when I read this. To read a very conservative pastor talk about the term "liberal" as one that is demonizing, and, in many ways, unbiblical, is not just refreshing - it's more like stunning. To hear him say that some fundamentalists worship the Bible rather than the God of the Bible is amazing - moderates in the SBC pointed that out 20 years ago. Very interesting.


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