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more football

The latest:
  • Colt McCoy has potential and will be fine. He just needs experience, and last night's experience will be useful in the long run.
  • The whole evening was designed to say, "We're better than you." Matthew McCounaghy nearly fell out the window of his box leading cheers, before he headed down to the sideline. He's back in his usual space, about three boxes away from our seats. Other people there: Emmitt Smith, Lebron James, Lance Armstrong, and Earl Campbell.
  • We only fell to #8 in the AP poll. This is very reasonable, right, and good, and when Notre Dame is exposed and West Virginia gets crushed by OSU in Glendale, we'll rethink the BCS and do nothing about it yet again.
  • I was part of the largest crowd ever to watch a football game at any level in Texas. That's pretty cool. We need more capacity in our stadium. The renovations aren't going to add enough seats.
  • At least we didn't need overtime to beat UTEP. Or let Washington score 20 points.
  • At least our students have some class. And/or an awareness of the danger of fire.


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