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let it fall down

Well. Leave it to Baylor to release a major study about church attendance on 9/11. I didn't want to blog about anything else yesterday, so I didn't mention their findings that the "nones" - the people who are religiously unaffiliated - have been miscounted in the last fifteen years, and that actually there are about 10 million Americans who've been misidentified as uninvolved in religion.

Okay. So once again we see that polling is tricky and that the way you ask a question matters. And I doubt this will make much difference to the legions of churches who are obsessed with the "nones." What church leaders of a certain age do not understand is that denominational identity just isn't important to their children and grandchildren. It's unlikely that will change. What my friends who care about faith at all are looking for are churches that are authentic (meaning, first and foremost, not obsessed with marketing and pretty buildings), grounded both in tradition and in modern reality, and are seriously concerned with social justice. Does that sound like your church?


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