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acl day one

Yeah, this daily blogging ACL thing isn't really going to work. Brief highlights from today:
  • I saw/heard sets and partial sets from about 12 artists. It was hotter than blazes. I maintain that they need to move this thing back to October. For the love of all that is right and good and mindful of people who burn-don't-tan.
  • Gnarls Barkley was a disappointment. Despite coming out and announcing that they were "John Nash and the Beautiful Minds" (which quickly separated the grain of the game-theory and/or film nerds from the chaff of people who have better things to do (put another way, I knew where my colleages and the two econ grad students were), the rest of the set was bo-ring. My sister left before it was 10 minutes in, and the Librarian and I left to catch the second half of Nickel Creek's set, which was fun, in a Nickel Creek kind of way. They played covers of Britney Spears' "Toxic," The Band's "The Weight," and another song I'm forgetting right now, which leads me to believe that Nickel Creek has decided to just be a cover band from now until they break up next year.
  • Guster was mellow and fairly cool. They didn't play "Jesus on the Radio," but you can't always get what you want.
  • Cat Power is some kind of crazy. But The Memphis Rhythm Band (which is Al Green's band) is awesome, and the set together with Cat was fantastic. I can't wait to see them at their ACL taping on Monday night.
  • Hands down my two favorite shows of the day: 1. Jimmie Dale Gilmore, as the sun was finally sinking in the western sky. He played "Another Colorado," a song I love, and closed with "Peace in the Valley," for Ann Richards.
  • 2. Oliver Mtukudzi and Black Spirits, at sunset under the tent. This show rocked. Mtukudzi is a huge star in Zimbabwe and the band played a solid hour of African dance music. The crowd was completely into it - the ex-Roommate and I danced until we were completely exhausted, and then hung out to enjoy the rest of the show. It made me really miss Goma and the nights we'd go dancing until all hours of the morning. Perfection.
  • The Texas in Africa ACL Fashion Spectacular (co-presented by The Librarian) is going to be Something. Else. And this was only Day 1.


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