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the texas in africa pre-season preview

Our season tickets showed up this week. We're nine days from kickoff. Where did all the time go? It seems like just last week that we were in Pasadena, walking down the street being kissed by strangers (That, fyi, is what happens when you bring a Texas flag to the post-game celebration on Colorado Boulevard.). I can't watch the game film enough, although I should buy the uninterrupted game DVD because the i-tunes highlights reel is getting a little old. Kindof.

So despite the fact that some meddling Aggie wants to interfere with our new jumbotron (largest in the world until they finish that one in Japan that's three feet bigger), it's looking like this will be a pretty good year for Texas football.

Sports Illustrated rankings aside, I'm not convinced that this year is going to be a cakewalk for our boys. Yes, we have a great defensive line, and yes, Jamaal Charles is amazing, but we do have this little quarterback situation, and that's not going to be easy to overcome. Colt McCoy needs experience, and I'm really afraid that his confidence will be shaken on the 9th against Ohio State.

My prediction? 11-1, with a loss to Ohio State. Then again, I could be wrong - their offense has been overrated the last two seasons and there defensive line won't be nearly as good as it was last year. They'll also be playing in heat and humidity that they're not used to. We'll have a tough time against the Aggies and the very talented Stephen McGee, but we'll get the job done. OU won't even be fun now that Bomar's out. (Wait, what am I saying? Of course it will be fun). We'll top Nebraska for the second time in the season at the Big XII championship, and go to the Fiesta Bowl, which is a week too early to be in Glendale.

If I'm wrong and we beat Ohio State, we'll play Notre Dame for the national championship, and will probably lose. Quiinn and Samardzija are incredibly good, and Notre Dame needs and wants the championship more than we do.

As for other teams, this is Baylor's year. They're implementing a Mike Leach-style offense, and they finally have some confidence after nearly beating OU and A&M last year. If they're ever going to make it to a bowl game again, this will be it. I might have to cancel my travel plans to go watch them play in the Texas Bowl.

This will not, however, be Yale's year. 2/3 ain't bad.

That's my opinion, for what little it's worth. But I did call it last year (in May!) and scheduled my travels accordingly. I'm planning to be overseas this New Year's.


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