"Africa is, indeed, coming into fashion." - Horace Walpole (1774)


the slow moon rises, the long day wanes

I miss Congo. I've been reading all these blogs by people who are still there. I've been thinking about my friends in Kinshasa, hoping they are safe. I've been thinking about my friends in Goma, who are probably wondering why on earth Kinshasa can't get its act together. I've been thinking about the smiling women at the DOCS hospital, about the little girls with blank stares on their faces, about 2,000 orphans running in circles at a huge party. I've been thinking about dancing to ndombolo music with Gisele and Aime and all their friends. I've been thinking about long talks with the FWF about development and war and Wilco. I've been thinking about the mist rising off the Masisi mountains early in the morning, about the light on Lake Kivu at sunset, about smoke rising from Nyiragongo volcano, about the sweep of the Milky Way on moonless nights.

I miss it.


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