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moderate baptist blogging is getting exciting

Dr. Bruce Prescott at Mainstream Baptist has started a group blog for centrist Baptists. He'll be posting good posts on Baptist life from several blogs - this is a great way to keep up with great writing on issues facing moderate Baptists. Very exciting! So far the contributors are all men, but here's hoping there will be some women joining in the conversation soon. (Hey, does that sound like you? Maybe you should start a blog on Baptist issues!)

Another great thing on the site is a list of moderate bloggers. I'm most excited to learn that Melissa Rogers has a blog! I have admired Melissa for a long time - she used to be general counsel at the Baptist Joint Committee and is now a visiting professor dealing with the intersection of faith and public life at Wake Forest Divinity School. Getting to meet Melissa (and sit next to her adorable kids) at the BJC luncheon at CBF last summer was a treat. She has good things to say about the appropriate role of religious expression in the political arena, and I am looking forward to reading her blog.


Blogger baptistlikeme said...

I just started a centrist blog focusing on ABCUSA issues this week. Must be something in the zeitgeist.

Please feel free to visit and comment.

Friday, August 18, 2006 2:52:00 AM


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