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last night in live music: the beanstalk library

Last night I went to see The Beanstalk Library, which is a friend-of-a-friend's band. (Although I guess it would be fair to count the lead singer as a friend now. Semantics.) They played at DC9, which is a pretty cool little venue in the hip-n-happenin' U Street corridor. You can hear some of their music here, although the full band's sound is really different from the demos there.

As far as the band-that-your-friend's-friend-is-in kind of thing, it was a lot better than that Tapes 'N Tapes nonsense (Which, by the way, I forgot to blog about back in June. It was terrible. Totally overhyped. Just because Pitchfork and a hundred bloggers love it doesn't mean it's good. What was confusing, though, is that their album is awesome. And what do we call that, boys and girls? That's right. A studio act. But I digress.)

I was told not to comment on last night's show because "we're different at every show." So I guess I'm reserving judgment in these oh-so-influential reviews of live shows until then. That said, it was a good show at a cool venue. Their original songs were fun, if a little uneven, and they closed with an excellent cover of Radiohead's "Anyone Can Play Guitar." I'm looking forward to hearing more sometime soon.


Blogger Emily said...

"Anyone Can Play Guitar." - that Radiohead album was one of my first CDs. I eventually sold that puppy because ACPG and "Creep" were the only songs I really liked on it...

Wednesday, August 16, 2006 2:09:00 PM

Anonymous Ryan said...

To clarify-Because of the time allotment of being at the bottom of the bill and due to some instrument scaledowns for the sake of the venue on Tuesday night, the show on the 25th will be a far better opportunity to experience all that The Beanstalk Library has to offer.

Thanks, though, for coming out on Tuesday; hope to see you next Friday for a great time and a great cause.

The Beanstalk Library

Friday, August 18, 2006 5:27:00 PM


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