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i'll hitch my wagon up to another star

I'm exhausted. Beyond exhausted really. And plus I think I bruised a rib when we wiped out on the Waverunner this afternoon. But what a week. Today was the day we talked about the environment. Some of the kids went to a hearing, some went to learn about water quality, and then we all met at Horseshoe Bay to enjoy an afternoon at the lake. Most of the adults were on the last boat ride of the evening. At sunset, the D.A. drove too fast back to the lake house and we listened to "Wave on Wave," which was the right song for sunset on the lake. We had dinner and talked and then went out on the deck for the closing reflection under the starry Texas sky.

Leading evening reflections is one of my jobs this week. The other one is being site director, which mostly stinks. I have to make sure we're on time for everything, introduce speakers, and make sure we have x number of sponsors with x number of kids at every moment of the day. It's not always fun.

But reflections are different. The students say things that are so moving and profound that sometimes I want to cry. Tonight we talked about what we learned today. Some of the girls learned to swim for the first time today - can you imagine? - but that wasn't what they talked about. They talked about learning to trust, learning to be grateful for creation, and learning to overcome fear and try new things. Other kids talked about how they got where they are now, how they aren't used to being treated like people who have something valuable to say, and how grateful they are to have found friends who are interested in the same things they are. I couldn't pray after that, so I said that we should just be silent for a little bit, and I sat there and looked at the stars like I've looked at the stars so many times in so many places around the world, and I thought about the heavens declaring the glory of God and the Southern Cross and the satellites whizzing by and about how I got to where I am. And all I could say was thanks.


Blogger Regina said...

Sounds awesome. I'm sure you did a great job.

My kids sing Wave on Wave all the time even though I've never heard it. Drew's best friends uncle is Pat Green. I guess I need to invest in the CD to figure out what they are listening to.

Thursday, July 13, 2006 8:24:00 AM


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