"Africa is, indeed, coming into fashion." - Horace Walpole (1774)


i love the rolling hills

If indeed "You Are How You Camped," well, let's see:

  1. I loved camp. Actually, I guess I really, really, really loved camp, seeing as I 1) went back to be a counselor, 2) occasionally voluntarily go back to the alumnae clean-up weekends (It's fun. Really.), and 3) darn right will be sending my children to camp. Just because I have been known to revert to singing "I Love the Mountains" to the GA's when they're misbehaving does not mean that "cultist" is a fair description of how much I loved camp.
  2. Air-conditioning is what actually defines a camp. It's character-building to do without, even in August. Period.
  3. Useful life skills for Baptist girls I learned at camp (officially and otherwise): hostessing the dinner table, how to fire a 12-gauge, kayaking, tennis, communicating with boys' camp (inconveniently located on the other side of I-40), backpacking, teaching musical coreography, eyebrow maintenance, lighting a campfire in a rainstorm, playing sophisticated pranks on one's junior counselor, and how to be victorious in a campwide game of capture the flag.
  4. Camp made me who I am. It gave me an adventurous spirit and a sense of independence. Plus I learned lots of nonsensical (and admittedly questionably appropriate) chants, learned to get along with all different kinds of people, and made lifelong friends.

If that's what's going to define us now, well, fine. Those capture-the-flag skills come in handy more than you might guess.


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