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Pretty much from the day I got back to the states, this summer has been full of surprises. One of the most unexpected events happened just a few days after I got back. The director of the Baptist Center for Ethics, which publishes Ethics Daily, called to chat and asked if I would write columns for the site on a semi-regular basis. The first of those columns is out today. It's about the CLC Summer Public Policy Institute, hopefully the piece will give you an idea of what we do and what our goals are. If you know a high school student who'd be interested in participating in next summer's institute, please let me know.

I still haven't taken the time to write about the institute here. There were some pretty amazing conversations that took place. Hopefully I'll get to that later this week. Later today I will definitely get to some interesting church-state stuff that came out over the weekend. Assuming my fingers don't freeze off in the LOC.


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