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a sight to see

E.J. Dionne gets it mostly right in his column on this year's SBC in tomorrow's Post, although there are some factual and interpretive errors (eg, the SBC bloggers have only been causing trouble for a year or so, he almost makes it sound like the moderate/fundamentalist struggle within the convention was a lot more recent than it actually was), he gets it right that there's something happening. And he's dead-on that the evangelical church is finally, "going through a quiet evolution as believers reflect on the perils of partisanship and ideology and their reasons for being Christian."

Not that I'm hopeful that the SBC will suddenly change directions and try to get moderates back. And not that any moderates I know are interested in reconciliation, really. But. I've been reading some of the under-40 SBC pastors' blogs. Like this guy, whose blog is called "Confessions of a Recovering Pharisee." I don't agree with a lot of his theology. But he gets it. A lot of them do. They're committed to their principles, but they aren't hateful. They won't slander anyone in Jesus' name. For that we can be thankful. And maybe we can even find a way to be brothers and sisters again.


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