"Africa is, indeed, coming into fashion." - Horace Walpole (1774)


listen to the radiator making broken sounds

I used to not go out on Friday nights in Austin. Not because there weren't things to do (there is ALWAYS something to do in Austin), and not because I was feeling anti-social. No, the reason I made it a point to stay home on Fridays was Bill Moyers and his program NOW. NOW is still the best news program that I've ever seen on television - Moyers covered subjects everyone else ignored, with attention to detail and actual analysis (instead of screaming matches between people who barely know what they're talking about). It was so good, and it was so sad when he left, and the new host is fine, but it's not worth staying in for anymore.

But now, at least for a few weeks this summer, there's a reason to stay home on Friday nights again: the new Moyers program Faith and Reason. He interviewed Salman Rushdie on Friday night and will be speaking to lots of other figures in the worlds of faith and, well, reason in the next few weeks. There's a nice interview in the DMN on Moyers and his topics here. Happy day!


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