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I am enjoying a lovely holiday in Kenya. Dinner with the Buckner group last night, ran into my friend Kat today for lunch, and am interviewing my friend Jason tomorrow. It's nice to see friends. And to have a break. And to speak English.

Anyway, thought I should post the pictures from Sunday's International Orphan's Day while there's a good connection. Celtell was the sponsor, so that's why it looks like one big commercial. But the kids loved the visors, and they got a good meal and some fun as a result of the sponsorship.

I should add that Junior's friend Monique, who works in Kinshasa, was in town for training that week. Monique is from Houston, so of course we've become great friends. We stepped out of the car, looked at the site of 2,000 orphans, and she just said, "How did two Texas girls get themselves into this?"

E and Mama Jeanne, who runs an orphanage in Goma.

There's actually a brass band in Goma. Complete with tuba. Sousaphone. Whatever.

This was really cool. Acrobats. They don't have a springboard, so they use a tire. Check out the guy flipping through the air in the middle-right of the shot.

Ten of the orphanages took part in the program - some sang, others danced or performed a skit or a poem. This group came out and danced right in front of us - they were really good.

Two Texas girls in the middle of all this. (on the front row, no less. I ended up seated beside the commander of the MONUC battallion. And the vice-governor, um, hit on me. Oh. My.)

These girls in red are from a group of former street children. Their group sang a song. You could see the sadness of life in their eyes. It was heartbreaking.

Serving 2,000 children is no easy task! But these mamas were up to the challenge - they have given their lives to helping Goma's most neglected children.

The thing that will really haunt me is the faces.

This kid had the best view of anyone.

Loaded up on the MONUC trucks to head home.


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