"Africa is, indeed, coming into fashion." - Horace Walpole (1774)


'tis so sweet

Some readers of Texas in Africa are aware of the longtime "battle" between myself and a certain CBF missionary currently residing in sunny Birmingham during which we try to locate the worst "Christian" products available on the market. These are usually pretty tacky examples of people using God to make money and we've both aquired a number of unusual products over the years, ranging from Pope-Soap-on-a-Rope to a handcrafted, "One Nation Under God" quilted wall-hanging, along with some products that are unmentionable.

That's all to say that I think I've found the perfect gift for CBF this summer. You should see their actual website. And Beliefnet, via Ethics Daily gives us a handy review of church-appropriate Easter candy. To quote Linda-Maria W. in one of her finer moments back in the day: "What would Jesus do? Jesus would weep."

ACL passes are supposed to be on sale this morning. It's too early in Goma, and when it's ten am there, the internet places here will be almost closed.


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