"Africa is, indeed, coming into fashion." - Horace Walpole (1774)


easter weekend, part four: nights only peace and rest

I had to head back to Karibu after that to get ready for my friend Gisele's birthday party at Chez HiFi (you'd say "high-fi," but here it's "hee-fee"), which was an experience unto itself. Gisele is awesome and I figured it would be fun. Turns out I was the only expat she invited, and the only expat at HiFi. I wasn't ten seconds in the door before a guy walked up and said, "I love you." But it was fun, especially when Gisele decided it was time to dance. The DJ very thoughtfully decided to play the hit song in Africa this year, "African Queen," while we were on the floor, so everyone at HiFi watched. It was something. Here's her friend dancing.

It's a treat to have a camera available at a party, so Gisele wanted lots of pictures. Hopefully I'll be able to get them printed in Nairobi; if not, we'll see if I can't get them to C and E the next time they're in the states. Here's one of her and her boyfriend – she wanted a solemn shot.

Gisele and her friends found a moto-taxi to take me home, so there I was, zipping along under a sky that defies description. To the northwest, the volcano was glowing red, overhead we could see the Milky Way, and to the south, over the lake, flashes of lightning from a huge electrical storm lit everything up every few seconds. I got home, made some French onion soup, and the ipod hit the perfect song just as the sky and the power dropped out in a heavy tropical storm. What an Easter.


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