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congratulations are in order

'tis the season for best wishes to friends who've made big decisions about The Future:
  • to Tasha and Evan who got engaged over the weekend and set up a website to prove it. (You should totally link to Evan's website and check out his excellent photography on Flickr. And mock him for posting his honors thesis online.)
  • to Brian, who's off to CUNY to become an actual Doctor of Philosophy. (In Philosophy.)
  • to Melissa, who's leaving the sunny south to brave Chicago and doctoral studies in theology at Loyola.
  • to Jason and Pamela, Mississippi friends from Up North who are moving to Texas (!) this summer so J can be the missions pastor at a big church and so their first kiddo can be born in God's country. Hopefully the church Up North is monitoring its hymnal supply - P always steals one before they leave a church and has quite the collection of shape-note songbooks and the like. In the meantime, I'm looking forward to meeting up with Jason and the daughter of a certain former Baylor University president in Nairobi in three weeks or so. They'll be on the big Buckner trip; I'll be seeing friends and shopping. So excited!
  • to Actually an Actuary and his blushing bride on their upcoming move to the big city. Don't forget us those of us who'll still be out here in the middle.


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