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there's something 'bout the southland in the springtime

Ten Things About Which I am Trying Not to Think:
1. Spring Break.
2. Josie's enchiladas at Maudie's.
3. Guero's queso.
4. Real bbq.
5. SXSW.
6. KEXP's SXSW interview lineup.
7. The fact that Tapes 'n Tapes is finally going to have their really big breakthrough at their SXSW show at Latitude 30 next Friday at 1am. You should go. Or catch them with KEXP on Wednesday at 7 in the ACL studios. Or on Friday afternoon at Antone's, or Thursday at Red 7. They rock and they'll get signed after this, so go be hip and say you saw them before they got big.
8. Bluebonnets
9. Earthquakes.
10. Steven Curtis Chapman.

Texas week of spring break starts today. Having been in school for way too long, I've had some interesting spring break experiences, and a few really lame ones. They were (in chronological order):
1997 - College group mission trip to Erie, PA. Would have been lame except the group was so much fun and we went to Niagara Falls
1998 - Habitat for Humanity Collegiate Challenge in San Francisco. Awesome. We went to Chinatown. We saw the Golden Gate Bridge. We went to the beautiful Muir Woods. We saw Sarah McLachlan at Tower. And we built a bunch of houses for some really cool families.
1999 - Phoenix and Tucson - to see if we liked Dr. Betsey's then boyfriend/now husband, see Nogales, and get a feel for the laid-back Arizona vibe she couldn't stop talking about. Such fun. And we like him. Although there are still some lingering questions about his musical taste. :)
2000 - Destin with the best friends and lots of Ole Miss sorority girls. This was back in the day when Baylor wouldn't let us have spring break at the same time as UT and A&M because those public school kids might be a bad influence. Unfortunately had to work on senior thesis for a lot of the time. Supplemented by a lovely trip to Athens to see the Parthenon and oh, yeah, do Model UN, a few weeks later.
2001 - London and England with my sister, and then off to Scotland after she had to go back to Baylor - Yale's awesome 2-week spring breaks made it possible. Great trip except for the nasty little argument we had outside the Wedgwood/Waterford shoppe in Stratford-upon-Avon. :)
2002 - DC and Franklin. Had to write my master's thesis and make a decision about PhD programs. It was cold.
2003 - Berlin. Also cold, but such a great city and so much fun to see friends who live there. Best museums anywhere, unbelievably safe, and the history - wow! Also interesting to be in Germany the week the Iraq war started. Came back early for Paige's wedding, which was so much fun because everyone was there.
2004 - Tokyo with Skip. Last-minute, three-day trip on Skip's mummy's free passes for family and friends. Our Lost in Translation tour de Tokyo was amazing. We arrived on Tuesday, left on Friday, flew all night, got to L.A. and it was Friday morning again. Trip was made even better when I got stuck in Denver on the way back, was told to wait in a field at exit whatever, sat in the Applebee's near the field watching March Madness for 3 hours, and got to ride back to Austin with the youth from their ski trip 22 hours overnight. Have never been so tired in my life. Supplemented with a trip to L.A. and San Diego to be on the Price is Right, trade Japan pics with Skip, and, natch, go to Disneyland a couple of weeks later.
2005 - The "Girls Gone Wild/Spring Break College Station" spring break. G the Librarian and I went to visit our friend E, who's stuck in grad school in Aggieland. Tried to also tour the Bluebell factory, but they require reservations during Texas week, so we settled for ice cream at 10am instead. Then back to SXSW, which was totally worth it.

So here we are, year 10 of higher education, and I'm in Goma. Maybe we should actually count it in a couple of weeks when I go to Kinshasa. Visa renewal, seeing my old boss, finally getting a picture of the "Rumble in the Jungle" stadium - sounds like spring break to me!

Maybe it's time to get a real job. Or to take a poll. What's more lame? Spring break '02 (master's thesis) or Kinshasa '06? You can vote in the comments section. Commenting on Texas in Africa is SO EASY - you do not have to register and can be as anonymous as you choose.


Blogger Ray said...

Hey! You are dead on about the 10 things! On the poll, I think personally speaking, spring break 2002 fades in comparison to spring break 2006! Sitting in Kinshasa and doing a "lot of brave stuff" is so much more challenging! :-)

Want to keep your spirits up and running and, I don't believe in anonymity :-)

Friday, March 10, 2006 6:08:00 AM


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