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new music weekend

It's raining. Again. So today seemed like a good day to write about some cool new music Steve the Lawyer (No, not that one. Not the other one, either. That one.) suggested I check out. Brothers & Sisters are an Austin band (if they had just one more member they could be a neuftet!) and I guess one of the guys is Steve's roommate's ex-roommate. Domestic details aside, Brothers and Sisters has just put out a self-titled CD, and while it's not available to download online, they have several MP3's on their Myspace site. The album got a good review from the Chronicle as well. Of the tracks they have up on their site, I really like "Old Love Letters" and "Without You." They are clearly hugely influenced by Neil Young, but somehow manage to create something unique out of that influence, unlike a million other bands. Check it out if you get the chance.

Other new music I've been enjoying lately:

And Be Here to Love Me, the wonderful documentary about Townes van Zandt's life and music, is finally out on DVD. If you are at all interested in roots music, you should definitely Netflix this one - read more impressions of the film here.


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