"Africa is, indeed, coming into fashion." - Horace Walpole (1774)


I've been running nearly all my life far and fast as I can

Tonight is the season finale of Project Runway! Having seen only photos of the collections, I think Santino will probably win if they gauge it only off of the final shows. If the judging is mostly about the whole season, it'll be Daniel, much as I would love to see Chloe win.

Good news for those of us stuck in remote locations – you can now actually get episodes of Project Runway on iTunes. Or you could just wait until Bravo re-airs all the episodes in November. Whatever. Even better news, there are apparently all kinds of PR products for sale, including one with Andrae's infamous quote concerning his chiffon, and the usual Café Press lineup of What Would Santino Do? Products. Woo-hoo!

Whatever happens with the final episode, tonight would normally mark the conclusion of my interest in reality television for the year. Except. It was bound to happen eventually. One of my friends is a contestant on The Apprentice. Sure enough – the great and powerful Ploz sent an email with her profile yesterday. Last spring at some Baylor hoo-hah, R'd mentioned that the casting agents were interested in hiring a Baylor grad, and I said, "oh, you should totally try out." There was a rumor about another Baylor grad taking a break from his mundane job to be a production assistant for the show, but I guess she beat him out. Pretty cool.

When we lived downstairs from the Fijis, R across the courtyard in the condo upstairs from my roommate's sister's fiancée and his brother. We were on Mortar Board together as well. R was the first woman to join the Baylor Chamber of Commerce, and is a leader in representing young alumni. She is also just a really nice person and a natural leader and I have no doubt that she'll go far in whatever she decides to do with her life. That said, I think her standards and integrity are too high for her to win on the show. She's a darn good attorney, but she's not mean, and she won't stab someone in the back to get what she wants, which are unfortunately traits that I associate with the Donald. Wish I could be watching.


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