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I love the Gilmore Girls Podcast! Whoever they are, this couple named David and Alicia are way more obsessed with the show than we are. No, really. We usually remember that we're talking about a tv show and characters … after awhile. Despite the fact that they've apparently only been watching for three seasons, David and Alicia know everything and think about patterns in the show and watch the show multiple times to prepare for their podcast, where they give the play-by-play of every new episode, available for FREE on iTunes and their website. Actually, Alicia analyzes the show's history. David mostly just comments on how cute Rory looks doing whatever she was up to that week. Totally wonderful – this is the first time I've listened to a non-musical podcast. I love that technology makes it possible for me to keep up with my favorite program.

Anyway, on to the show – I cannot be-lieve that Lane and Zach are engaged. No way. Didn't the GG's learn their lesson from Jess's too-early, too-little-dating experience? And I am so sorry that I won't get to see Mrs. Kim's reaction! Someone please tivo or tape that episode!


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