"Africa is, indeed, coming into fashion." - Horace Walpole (1774)


all we are is islands in stream

Sunday I got to talk to my parents. I'm afraid to know how much the bill for that 45-minute conversation will be, but it sure was nice to hear their voices. During that conversation, Daddy said I am not posting enough pictures of the lake when I blog about how beautiful it is all the time. So here you go:

These are some pictures from Rwanda that I took on the bus-ride-from-the-tenth-circle the other day. I really like this view of Nyira volcano from Rwanda. Nyira is entirely in Congo, but you really only get the idea of just how big it is when you see it from northwestern Rwanda. You can also see a little rise just to the right (it almost looks like part of the plateau on the right side of the volcano) that is the Nyamuragira volcano, also active, also in Congo. What a great place to pack several million people into.

Finally, this is a shot from closer to Ruhengeri, a city to the west of here. In the background you can see Sabinyo volcano and, to the right, I think Gahinga but it could be Visoke. Neither of them are active; the area is home to Rwanda's famous mountain gorillas. I totally didn't mean for there to be people or trees in the shot, but it turned out kindof cool. Plus it gives you an idea of how fast those drivers go on the downhill slopes.


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