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of late i've had some thought of moving in

Things in Goma are so much better. For me, at least. Thank-you so much all y'all who wrote and called and texted and left comments this week with so much encouragement. I am settled in, have made some really good friends, and am starting to really have fun. My interviews are off and running and going well, so that's exciting. AND the water is running in Goma for the first time since Saturday morning, so everyone is in a better mood.

So, Tuesday started nice and early with running errands and a stop at the Yesu Ni Jibu (Jesus is the Answer) Supermarket to stock up on water, candles, and all the other essentials of housekeeping in Goma. After that my taxi took me out to my apartment, which is on the far western side of town at the Hotel Karibu. The Karibu is an old hotel; it used to be one of the nicest in Congo. It's down the road from one of Mobutu's old houses and is right on the lake. The buildings are all whitewashed and there are extensive gardens, a nice little dock, a pool, the only tennis courts in Goma, and more birds and lizards than you can imagine.

My apartment is great, very secure and sunny. Here's a little tour of my home sweet third world home:

The front door and a nice little garden.

The lovely kitchen. There's also a little fridge (think what you had in your freshman dorm) and a sink.

The living room, as viewed from the entry hall


Looking back at the kitchen from the living room.

The bedroom, looking out toward the back.

And the absolutely essential closet space.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great apartment!! Very quaint. Didn't see your stash of DP, though....

Be safe,

Friday, February 17, 2006 2:14:00 PM

Blogger texasinafrica said...

DP? Is there DP here? Don't tease me!

I did find three cans of cold Coke Lite today ... bliss!

Saturday, February 18, 2006 9:13:00 AM


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